St. Louis Rock Band Nedra

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Band Members

Nedra has evolved over the last decade however our core consists of our 3 original members.

Kyle Sanders guitarist

Kyle Sanders

Vocals & Guitar
With his gritty, raw guitar riffs, soulful vocal style, and timeless songwriting ability, Kyle has lead this rock outfit for nearly 10 years.
John Manley drummer

John Manley

The backbone of this trio's driving beat is John "Witchdoctor" Manley. .
Jeff Jourdain bassist

Jeff Jourdain

Bassist Jeff Jourdain has preformed off and on through the years however his spirit has always been present.

Recent Projects

Nedra is currently gearing up for our 10th Anniversary album with the fitting name "Demons Vol. II". In 2008, Nedra entered the St. Louis rock scene with their debut album "Demons Vol. I" and it just makes since that we celebrate an entire decade with the songs that were meant to appear on the second volume.

Cypress Moon Studios

We are currently working on new tracks in Muscle Schoals Alabama at one  of the worlds most iconic studios.

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Blending modern rock techniques with a raw sound all their own, Nedra is entertaining audiences across the Midwest with their high energy shows. Nedra’s gritty music utilizes electrifying guitar work reminiscent of the rock gods of the 1970’s and 1980’s, but explores the issues and attitudes of people today. The songs mirror the winding, difficult paths that life often takes, and celebrates surviving those difficult times. Make no mistake, Nedra’s music speaks to everyone, and every audience member can relate to the stories enacted on stage. So plug in, stand up, and let’s ROCK!